Quality workmanship for your car at affordable prices

  • A dashboard warning light should always be taken seriously but need not be the cause of unnecessary concern. Call Spiretec and worry no more. Bring your vehicle to us at Bolingbroke Road, Fairfield industrial estate Louth,  or call us on 01507 609191 to see if we can come to you!
  • At Spiretec we have the latest cross-manufacturer computer diagnostic equipment to ensure swift and effective warning light trouble shooting. Bring your vehicle to us  to diagnose the cause of your warning light fault. We can then re-set the vehicle’s on board computer to put out the warning light and, more importantly, if there’s a real problem we’ll fix it!
  • Alternatively, for a modest call out fee, we can travel to your vehicle and carry out a diagnostic test with our state of the art, hand held computer equipment. In most cases we can re-set your system, clear the fault, and have you up and running on the same day.
  • We offer a similar service to local trade garages that may not have the benefit of the modern software and the diagnostic techniques we have available.
  • Spiretec will go the extra mile to get to the root of difficult and hard to diagnose faults more common on modern, sophisticated computer run vehicles where other garages may have failed.
  • A typical diagnostic re-set on most vehicles costs £30 plus VAT at Spiretec.
  • For full garage facilities with state of the art diagnostic equipment and guaranteed quality parts and labour, contact Spiretec of Louth on 01507 609191 or
  • Email: andrew@spiretec.co.uk